Electrodome was founded by curator/artist Idun to provide a space for game culture and digital art as those forms are often discriminated by Swedish culture funds and institutions. This concept is planned to be a permanent venue and lab for electronic and interactive arts, as well as yearly festivals (including crossmedia, transmedia, experience design art). In the long term this might also be connected with an international artist residency opportunity that is currently being held on a smaller scale through Playcentric Industries & Institute at Collaboratory

Electrodome mainly has its base in a container gallery, Epic Unidragon, in the centre of Gothenburg, but works globally and the gallery will probably move to another city by the end of 2017.

About the gallery
Epic Unidragon, located right by the water in the center of Gothenburg, is a non-profit container gallery, open for interactive, electronic and moving image arts. No tickets or registrations needed to visit, everyone is welcome, and everyone is responsible for themselves, their kids/pets and belongings, there is no personell here, everything is run by the artists themselves and the gallery has no financial support from any culture fund. There are no specific opening hours, depends on projects and funds, check site and Facebook page to keep updated.

Suggestions for activities are welcome, the new location is also open for suggestions. If you want to get involved and exhibit your art at Electrodome and/or in Epic Unidragon you are welcome to send a proposal and any questions you might have, to jasmine(at)playcentric.industries

Photo by Max Hjalmarsson, Heliphoto.

To get a sense of the sources of inspiration for Electrodome, here are some examples